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Onwards, to fandorkery!

Since bottlemilk requested some pictures of my new shiny DBZ movie two-in-one set, here it is! Please forgive the fandorking and bad photography; my memory card slot has gone funny, so I had to use my phone instead of a normal camera. =(

In the spirit of photo adventures, I too have plushie co-stars. With me here is Dr. Eggman and Phoenix Wright, because I enjoy random things.

Originally, I had just gone looking for this DVD, since I saw a few episodes on Youtube and fell in love with it.

And the lovely Dr. Eggman shows what all I ended up with. A few things I meant to get eventually and a couple that just looked interesting.

But, this is what bottlemilk is really here for! And that is sexy, sexy Trunks.

A picture of the cover. Phoenix objects to you FACE, Trunks!

The inside. The not-quite-a-booklet has cover art things for the movies, and each movie has its own disc.

And finally, the back. Man, Trunks was just one awkward looking kid, y'know? Those are eyes you have to grow into before they stop looking weird.


Nov. 11th, 2010 11:02 am (UTC)
yeah, Trunks probably just needs some botox under the eyebrows to cheer him up a bit. Gordy needed like full facial reconstruction. No wonder he's so grumpy when he grows up.