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Chibi's Journal of Geekery

Andross won't have his way with me!

23 July 1980
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Hi, I'm Chibi, and my fandoms are primarily Wild Arms and Sonic the Hedgehog, tho' I'm often all over the place with the game/anime/cartoon love, and take to new fandoms like a duck to water, but so far only Wild Arms and Sonic have had the staying power to be squeed about for years. I will very likely make you a fan of at least one of those fandoms too if you're around me long enough.

I also know way too damned much about Wild Arms and Sonic the Hedgehog, so if you need an all-important question answered and it's in-game, it wouldn't hurt to ask me.

This journal is primarily fandom rambles, squees, and art/fic posts. If you're OK with that, friend away. I don't mind.

My character journals:

sonicwind - Sonic's journal
chaosspear - Shadow's journal

Sonic is not the faker love