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Meme Day 8

Day 8: A game you’ve played countless times


An early PSX RPG, Wild Arms is just... It's love, man. I've played this sucker, like, 8 or 9 times all the way through and started it up more times than that. The way it plays is standard turn-based RPG fare, but it has a sci-fi Wild West flavor that makes it awesome.

See, it takes place on a planet called Filgaia (or Fargaia in the Japanese versions), a ruined world that just so happens to look a bit like the Wild West all over. You play as Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia, who meet up and eventually go on a journey to save the planet from the Metal Demons, aliens from a destroyed world who want to take over and make Filgaia their new home, at the expense of the humans' lives. Throw in the Guardians--deity-like beings who are the personification of the elements and a few other things--the Elw--a race of elf-like beings who departed from Filgaia ages ago--and a Western-y soundtrack by Michiko Naruke, and you have awesomeness.

There is a remake of this game for the PS2 called Wild Arms Alter Code: F, and the original is also available on the Playstation Network for download to the PS3 and PSP, so you should totally check it out! 8D


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Oct. 11th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
Every time I think about replaying this, I remember being like 13 and borrowing my best friend Jake's copy of the game. Went on a vacation to Florida for a week and got stuck in De La Metallica (or whatevs!) for the whole trip. Made me super mad.
Oct. 11th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
De La Metallica was an utter pain, man. It wouldn't be so bad if the clues to the puzzles had been properly translated, but that's one of the few places in the game that there's some serious translation fail. So, instead of getting it done fast, you're left wandering around while those damned Necronomicons pop up and try to kill you. I think there and the Boomerang fights were the only places I've game overed in the entire game, not counting bonus bosses.
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